Gestures stop working after connecting external monitor

I have a 15" Mid-2012 i7 MBP, MacOS Mojave 10.14.3, and Totalspaces2 2.8.5.

With this machine I use an external display (same resolution as internal display, set to “mirror”, and connected via DisplayPort) and a Henge dock. I use Fermata 1.1 (128) to prevent my laptop from sleeping when I place it in the dock.

Every time I put the computer in the dock or remove it, my three-finger gestures to change spaces stop working. I am also using BetterTouchTool to trigger “Instant Expose” via a 4-finger gesture and keypress emulation. This usually still works, but not always.

The workaround I’ve been using is to either quit and reopen Totalspaces2, or open Totalspaces2 Preferences and disable/re-enable the “Swipe to change space” option. The problem never happens again until/unless I connect/disconnect from the dock.

It would be great if this could get fixed. Happy to provide logs or do more behavioral testing if needed.

I’m having the same issue, 16" MacBook Pro.

MacOS 10.15.2, TotalSpaces2 2.8.6. I also figured out the same solution of toggling “Swipe to change space” off and on again. It’s not a huge issue, but it usually happens to me at least twice a day because I use my laptop at the office, plug it in, maybe unplug it for meetings, and then sometimes go home and do something similar where I experience it again.

Also happy to help resolve the issue however I can.