Gestures stop working after connecting external monitor

I have a 15" Mid-2012 i7 MBP, MacOS Mojave 10.14.3, and Totalspaces2 2.8.5.

With this machine I use an external display (same resolution as internal display, set to “mirror”, and connected via DisplayPort) and a Henge dock. I use Fermata 1.1 (128) to prevent my laptop from sleeping when I place it in the dock.

Every time I put the computer in the dock or remove it, my three-finger gestures to change spaces stop working. I am also using BetterTouchTool to trigger “Instant Expose” via a 4-finger gesture and keypress emulation. This usually still works, but not always.

The workaround I’ve been using is to either quit and reopen Totalspaces2, or open Totalspaces2 Preferences and disable/re-enable the “Swipe to change space” option. The problem never happens again until/unless I connect/disconnect from the dock.

It would be great if this could get fixed. Happy to provide logs or do more behavioral testing if needed.