"Go to folder" feature partly broken


First of all, thank you for creating TF and keep it the awesome tool that is is (I couldn’t work without it as it tremendously helps me with my productivity).

As a long-time user (now on MacOS 10.12.3 and TF 1.9.3 on a late 2013 27" iMac), I’ve noticed the “Go to folder” feature (invoked by shift+cmd+G) seems to have stopped working properly quite some time ago when two tabs are in side-by-side mode.

Regardless of where the focus is (i.e. in the left or right tab), the pop-down window always comes up on the right-hand side. Consequently, the folder I am going to is always shown in the right tab. This behaviour impedes with my workflow and is quite annoying. Is this meant to be as it is or actually a bug?

That windows also slides so far down that it becomes detached from the tab’s column title bar. Not sure if this is intended either, since the window has still got that typical “drop shadow” at its top which makes no sense when “free floating” - yeah I’m nit-picky here :wink: .

Focus in left tab:

Focus in right tab:

Thanks for reporting. I will look into that.

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Hi Darwin,

Any news on this issue?
Almost a full year has passed since I reported this issue, without a resolution.

The behaviour has actually changed between back then and now (i.e. TF 1.10.9 on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6): when bringing up the “Go to the folder” window, filling in an existing folder (such as /Library) and then hitting “Go”, that directory will now be opened in a wholly new tab. I’m still using TF in side-by-side mode.

Any ETA for a fix?
Thank you!

Kind regards,


Ah, sorry. This went off my radar.

I’m going to look into that by the end of this week and report back here.

Hi, good news.

I was able to identify the issue and fixed it. I’m going to release a new (beta) version over this weekend or early next week. Will post here.

Fixed version is out on beta channel:

Awesome - I’m now on the current release version (1.10.10) and that issue seems to have been resolved. Thank you! :smiley:

If only the drop-down window (for entering the “go to” path) wouldn’t be detached from the tab bar any more… (cf. my initial report) :wink: