Go-Up button?

A feature I’m missing in TotalFinder is an additional toolbar button to go upwards in the directory hierarchy. That is why I used XtraFinder, but now I switched to TotalFinder as XtraFinder is very buggy.

Remember CMD+UP-ARROW with your muscle memory and prosper.

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Oh the simplicity of TotalFinder ! I hope it remains with us for many years yet ! You hit the nail in the head the other day, TF works because it enhances what we all need to know to get around a Mac (Finder). An alternative is not the same, I hope it stays alive until Apple makes Finder a usable product.

It works fine with system integrity disabled. Totally happy with it.

Glad to hear it! I just want to point out, CMD+UP-ARROW is built into Finder already, so you don’t need TotalFinder for it to work.

I know. But I like buttons while using the mouse. Another thing I miss is to make Return open files/folders instead of renaming them

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OK, so you would still like a toolbar button for going up a folder? That should be possible.

Also, I’ll add you to the request for “return to open files.” I’d like that myself.

Yeah, for sure. :slight_smile: Not that much as the return function, but would be a nice thing to have. However at the time of posting this request I hadn’t noticed that I can use the path bar at window’s bottom to achieve the same thing, so it’s really not that important to me anymore.

This is sorely missing from Finder (vs other OSes file managers) and from TotalFinder (vs XtraFinder). CMD+UP arrow is too slow, as it triggers the Finder menu to do it (which is also why AppleScript button solutions to the sidebar are suboptimal) and also very awkward to use, as you have to leave your mouse and press and not-so-easy key combination (a nightmare if you are right handed).

Steve, please do it.

PS Coming from XtraFinder (it was only now possible to upgrade my main desktop to El Capitan) there are too many things missing (DEL to delete a file, New File templates, open Terminal here - though incompatible with latest iTerm, Enter to open selection, etc) or not working efficiently (New Folder behaviour not instantly leading you to naming it, performance hit and active/focus/sorting misbehaviour on selected/open items when folders-on-top is sected, etc). Finder is such a bad file manager (especially without the fixes) I am thinking of going back to Yosemite just to be able to use XtraFinder again (which still has its own issues). Since Tran Ky Nam is a PR nightmare, going forward, TotalFinder is our only hope, unless PathFinder comes up with a true/proper Finder replacement mode (needs work).

So your vote is still for a toolbar button?

I’m surprised to hear that you say it’s “too slow.” Can you capture a video to demonstrate how this is slow for you?

Definitely ! Sorry for the late response. If CMD+Up is used, either in Finder or TotalFinder, the top menu bar flashes, activating the correspond menu entry, so you get the feeling of a lag, even if it’s just visual. Moreover, if you add a parent/up button creating the necessary applescript,

try tell application "Finder" to set target of window 1 to the container ¬ of target of window 1 end try

you also get the additional lag of having this go through the wrapping Applet Bundle.

How do you add a button running an apple script? That’ be enough for me.

You could read e.g. here, there is even someone who has a premade button (also here) but it’s really simple to do it on your own using the Script Editor, and you can have your favourite icon.