Grids settings not remembered for monitor configuration

I have 3 Locations I use my laptop.

  1. Home (dual monitors) using both thunderbolts. 3x3 grids (9 spaces) per monitor
  2. Office (single monitor) hdmi 3x3 grid (9 spaces)for single monitor
  3. Laptop( screen) 3x3 for laptop.

If i’m plugged in at home and then I go to the office(where i have only 1 monitor) I end up with a 3x6 grid(18 spaces).
It is as if the total # of spaces from home are merged down to my single monitor setup.

OSX 10.10.3
Total Space 2.2.20

This wasn’t the case before I upgraded to 2.0


Is there anything i can change to fix this?

Yes, this is OSX’s standard behaviour for spaces - they don’t get deleted, just migrated.

However, some have understandably found this behaviour rather annoying. I will likely build a method of saving / restoring a default configuration for each monitor configuration into TotalSpaces2. But in the mean time, I wrote a helper application that will do the same thing.

You can download it here:

Please try it out - just save the config as you like it in each location, then the app should be able to restore those configs when you wish.

(NB This app only functions with registered copies of TotalSpaces2)

Thank you, Stephen for addressing this somewhat annoying problem. Otherwise, I think TotalSpaces is great!