Hello Can You help me for this operation for tab in tab?

How do i keep (or create) “Org Finder tabs” in each TotalFinder Tabs?
it is useful for me , but it work only 1 TotalFinder Tabs

Well, I just tried it here under my Mojave system and it really is quite broken. I will look into that for next update.

> sw_vers
ProductName:	Mac OS X
ProductVersion:	10.14.2
BuildVersion:	18C38b

Hi Thx !!

and i noticed something today :slight_smile:

When I " reboot " my Mac

Org tab in TFTabs ( TotalFinder Tabs ) will just disappear , and can’t create Org Tab in TFTABS any more .

Seems when we reboot OS make something caused it.

My system is Mac OSX 10.12.6