Here's The Sourcecode: In Our Entire Community There HAS To Be Someone With A Fullstack Dev Connection

I’m not sure if this is copyleft license, regardless, FireFox became what it did because of that.

It seems our wonderful developer has released the code on Github for TotalSpaces, he / they obviously didn’t advertise this, but here it is:

Option 1] So, out of our community here of, what, approximately 1000 users, not one of us knows a friend of a friend or who has an uncle or something who is a coder? I’m sure we can all pull our strings and find SOMEONE to make this compatible and release a re-compiled working Ventura 13.1+ version for both intel and M2 macs.

Option 2] We all put together a fund, a group fund. A tiny contribution from each member will amass a large sum. The fund leader then goes and posts a job on and hires the best fullstack developer to create a fully working version of TS3 for M1 & Intel mac on Ventura 13.1+, WITH all those extra desktops we had access to in Catalina. (35+, not the limited 16.) I’d estimate they would charge $5000 for this, so we would be like $100 each person x we’d only need 50 members, and we can use a USDT wallet for ease of transactions and transparency. Maybe even find a group Escrow service.

What do you guys think? Then maybe the original coder would allow it to go copyleft license?


This is not source for the entire project. Read the very first line in

@stephen was supposedly open sourcing the project but I haven’t heard anything else about it in a few months.

If we can get the full source code and some agreement with BinaryAge that they will accept a fix, I’m in for option 2 with $100. Not sure they will want to commit to that, though.

I’m in for Option 2 with $100.

I’m in for Option 2 with $500.

I am prepared to do that, but I want to find someone to be the first maintainer first. (I had one, but he did not continue).