Hide Ugly Mission Control desktops - F9?

Hello all, I have been using and watching TotalSpaces grow each year, I could not live with out it as a Power Work Station User.

That Said, I could live with out the Desktop Overview when you Press “f9” for Mission control. I Use F9 because of the Expose feature not the switch to desktops, Duh, that’s why I’m using TotalSpaces. So How do we get ride of it, so I can just see my Expose feature and use all of my monitors and not jut 75% of them?

Yes, I understand Totalspaces is built on-top of Mission control, I just want to hide it, not disable it; when Expose is in use.

It would be nice just to have an Expose app and just forget about mission Control all together. Thoughts ?

Do you mean you wish to disable the keyboard shortcut for mission control?

Usually you can adjust those in System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts.

Hey Stephen, no. Maybe I need to chose better words. When you press “f9” It shows you all App windows you have open and what desktop you are on across the top. Example, I have 9 Desktops. On Desktop one, I have 5 App windows open" Firefox, Finder, Itunes ect… When I use the Mission control feature to look and select whats open behind, Firefox , I see itunes; every thing else thats open.

Across the top of you screen you see a header with a thumbnail of all 9 desktops open and which one your on. I could care less what desktop I’m on because that info is a part of total spaces. That’s the whole point to me of using Total spaces, plus other points.

Question is, how can we hid or get ride of that overview showing the thumbnails when using mission control ( f9 ) ?

Perhaps you guys could just make total exposee instead LOL Really that would be awesome !

Maybe the “Single desktop exposé” feature built in to TotalSpaces is what you’re looking for? It will show all open windows on the current desktop without the “bar” across the top like Mission Control has:

In my case, I set the hotkey to some obscure key combination and then used BetterTouchTool to map that key combination to a mouse button. Works great!

Yes, I think this may be the answer.

I myself use Single desktop exposé with a hotcorner, set from the Hotcorner prefs.

Just a quick note, “Single desktop exposé” isn’t available on OS X 10.9. It only appears on 10.10+. I hope to back-port it to 10.9 (which I use myself).

This helps alot and what I was looking for ! Thanks Guys for all you do !

Looks like I can back-port the “Single desktop exposé” feature to 10.9, so I’ll plan on doing that.