High Sierra Beta finally broke Total Spaces

It looks like the latest High Sierra Beta 10.13.4 version 3 broke TotalSpaces. It does not work at all.

Suffered the same issue, I have to turn it off otherwise the screen will flash

Same here, 10.13.4 beta 3 doesn’t like TS2 : I tried deinstalling and reinstalling - no success.
Back on macOS spaces : they are too small !
To the developer : Hi, any work-around ? Are you going to try to fix this ?
TS2 is just great, such a nice permanent productivity add-on for macOS !!!

By any chance, do any of you happen to have the “Group windows by application” setting turned on in Mission Control settings in System Preferences? I just turned it on to see what it does and it totally borked TotalSpaces. I had to boot into safe mode to remove TS from login items to get out of this weird flickering loop my machine was stuck in. I couldn’t click anything, so had to resort to a hard reset.

After turning this setting off in Mission Control and starting TS normally, everything went back to normal. BTW, I’m using macOS 10.13.4 Beta (17E160e). Maybe you have a different problem, but maybe this could help.

Same OSX version but did not have “Group Windows by Application” selected TS2 still fails to load properly.

TS2 sees all the applications but cannot create or show any spaces

Hmm, really weird, I have the same macOS (latest 17E160e) version and TS2 won’t show any spaces anymore. Really wonder what’s different on your machine

Sorry for the delay, I’ll be back on sunday, I’ll try to fix it then.

Same problem here but after uninstalling totally and reinstall without SIP , all are working great for me… cheers

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Now works for me again on macOS 10.13.4 Beta (17E160e) ! I deactivated SIP, deinstalled (fully) rebooted, reinstalled, and haven’t yet re-enabled SIP (will check later).
Stephen, I don’t know what happened on the update, but happy to see it works !

Apple changed something in the memory allocator that exposed an issue in TotalSpaces. This is a potential work-around, please let me know if it works ok:


I just downloaded 2.6.22. It’s working now. Thank you, Stephen.

if it’s continue not resolved , erase all screens from spaces and restart Totalspaces2

Thank you Stephen for having looked into this