How are you starting TotalFinder at system startup?

On macOS 12.5.x here and it seems that TotalFinder will not start up at system start and stay running. If I pop it into Users & Groups → username → Login Items it simply disappears after several seconds each time.

I would like to be sure it starts automatically on reboot, but I just can’t seem to get it to do so anymore.

Anyone else have a similar problem and find a solution?

@ylluminate Hi — apologies for the severely late reply.

Does this issue still occur for you with the latest version of TotalFinder? (※ TotalFinder 1.15.0, as of this writing)

I have had no issues with adding to the Login Items preference pane on any version of macOS.

Same problem here. Oddly enough, if I open a MacOS finder and hit Cmd-Tab, Total Finder 1.15 opens. And not to pile on with strange problems, but at times if I close a tab in TF 1.15, I get a blank finder screen.

@Ken Which version of macOS and hardware is this occurring on?

To confirm, are you referring to the fact that TotalFinder apparently disappears from the “Login Items” preference pane on your system?

Or are you referring simply to the fact that TotalFinder appears to not take effect until you Cmd-Tab?

Additionally, and I do know this sounds stupid, but have you tried simply waiting? TotalFinder does take a bit of time to start up and properly inject into Finder — it would explain this strange behaviour you are explaining where “TotalFinder appears when I press Cmd-Tab”, since it’s possible that TotalFinder just so happens to finish initialising and hooking when you press Cmd-Tab.

Basically, TotalFinder will not instantaneously inject into Finder upon user login — there will always be a bit of a delay where you’ll just have the standard stock Finder at startup (especially as macOS also needs to finish starting up other things that aren’t

What macOS version and hardware is this occurring on? Is it the same as the above?

And what do you mean by “blank Finder screen”? If you could provide a screenshot, this would be very helpful.

Additionally, if you can provide any information regarding how to reproduce this issue, that would be very helpful as well. (It’s okay if you can’t, or if the issue just appears to occur at random.)

(You can also try running the diagnostics script below in a Terminal session and sending me the resulting file, though I’m unsure if I’ll really be able to get anything useful out of it until we narrow down the cause more and enable some more debug logging.)


Mac Studio with 64GB memory running Version 13.2 Beta (22D5038i)

It remians in “Login Items” but does not start until I hit Cmd-T to open a tab in the MacOS finder.

You mean I have to learn to be patient? :smiley: As soon as I finish responding, I’ll reboot and see if that is my impatience.

As above. I get a completely blank screen (no sidegar, no tabs at top, noting on the screen). I’ll grab a screen shot the nest time it happens. A hint is that if I have 3 (or more) tabs open and select one of the farthest from the sidebar, it happens.

I’ve saved the command and will run it and upload the diags when it happens again,

Okay, I opened 4 tabs, closed one at random, the problem appeared, I ran the debug script and as soon as I can figure out how to upload it, I’ll send the results.

Edited to add two screen shots:

Edited to add SIP config:

Again thanks for all of your hard work on keeping TF going.

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Added initial post with screenshots for you (and yes, it TF did load after I waited a bit).

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