How disable csrutil with macos 10.12.5?

With macos 10.12.4, no problem : in recovery mode, the command “csrutil disable” is right. But with 10.12.5, the answer is “command not found”… and “csrutil status” also shows “command not found”.
I’m a registered user and beg your help.
I apologize for my bad english, I’m french.

Mac mini late 2012
Mac os 12.12.5

Each Recovery OS partition is created with some particular macOS installation. If you upgrade your macOS to a newer version the recovery OS partition does not upgrade to that version AFAIK, it stays intact. So it is likely that you have Recovery OS partition from an older system prior El Capitan (10.11) which has missing csrutil command.

You might be able to use internet recovery OS, which should give you the latest version:

Or you could try to google and follow some articles for re-creating recovery OS partition. For example this one:

I wrote one such article myself back in 2012, but I cannot confirm if the method still works with Sierra:

Or maybe try use Recovery Disk Assistant?

Good luck!

Thanks Darwin. You’re right : after upgrade, I’d no more recovery disk.
I saved all my documents and made a clean install of 10.12.5 and now, I can disable csrutil in recovery mode.

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Sadly, Apple claims that its installer and upgraders are SUPPOSED to also update the Recovery Partition whenever the partition associated with it is updated. In my experience, it is hit and miss. This is true whether upgrading from a major release to another major release (El Cap to Sierra) or point release update (10.11.2 to 10.11.3 for example).

You are more likely, but not guaranteed, to have the recovery partition updated during point release updates if you use the Combo update versus the incremental updates (i.e. from 10.12.1 to 10.12.2). Also if you have multiple macOS boot partitions on the same drive, seems to confuse the update programs as well.

Carbon Copy Cloner, if you already have that, will also create a recovery partition if missing. In my experience, I almost never do a major release upgrade over an old one, I always do a fresh install. I realize that isn’t always feasible for some people, but it’s the method most liklely to cause the fewest problems of any kind, in many other areas, not just recovery partitions.

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