How do I "downgrade" my TotalSpaces?

Up to now, I have been thoroughly excited about TotalSpaces!
It’s almost exactly like the multiple desktops in LINUX …

… until this last update, or “downgrade”. Now, my TotalSpaces does not at all work as well. My layout has totally changed … and I - DON’T - LIKE - IT!!!

How do I go back, permanently?

Rich Allcorn

Hi… oh no… what happened?

And what version are you using now, and do you know what version you were using?

Recently, an autoupdate came out … I allowed it (to 2.2.6) to update to the latest.
Bad mistake! They’ve totally changed the thing!!!

I used to have 4 workspaces (left-to-right) and then 4 on the bottom for full-screen stuff.
NONE OF THAT works the same anymore!

No warning, no asking if I wanted this … to quote a character in Tron Legacy, "None of that!"
I’m not-at-all happy!

Why is it when someone designs a simply wonderful “tool” that they feel they need to keep improving it so much until they get to the point where they’re done, and now start “messing with it” and ruining a good thing?

Not happy about the changes
(Richard A. Allcorn)

OK, I must admit I’m a bit confused @rAllcorn. While I would be a bit frustrated, too, if an update to TS wiped out my previous settings, is there something about 2.2.6 that won’t let you simply re-setup your space layout?

What, precisely, do you mean when you say “NONE OF THAT works the same anymore”? Does something go wrong when you try to set up four vertical spaces in the app preferences? If so, what? Also, I never use fullscreen apps, but I thought those spaces were created “on the fly”, so to speak. Are you saying that you used to have four permanent spaces for fullscreen apps and you can no longer set that up again? How many monitors are you using? What version of OS X are you on?

Also, if you open and search for entries containing “totalspaces”, does anything come back? Any error messages? Does TS crash at any point during normal operation?

I think you’ll find that BinaryAge has built a quite helpful community here, and I like to help out where I can, but some more info is needed before we can get to the root of your issues with TS.

FWIW, my install of TS 2.2.6 has been working perfectly for some time. I noticed no drastic change in operation over the previous version, but my use case may be very different from yours. What exact changes are you unhappy about?

Hi Richard,

I’m a bit confused by the changes you are seeing - I don’t think I changed the way the spaces work with fullscreens.

You can of course downgrade to a previous version - you’d need to uninstall first:

Then install the version you want by downloading it from here:

(Your prefs should remain unaffected by the uninstall)

But, as I said, I’m really not sure what we could have broken or what doesn’t work the way you want - if you can describe the problem in a bit more detail, I’d love to try to help.

So, how do you “unpost” a posting? (or delete it)