How do i drag and drop files using hot corner?

i need to select and drag files using a hot corner to activate spaces, then drag the file the appropriate space, which should activate and then dropping the file in the right program window

this is a critical workflow and strangely seems to be impossible in totalspaces since the space i hold the file over wont activate while hovering with a file

I agree it’s a useful workflow.

We did look at it. The information that there is something being dragged is not immediately available to us, so we put it to look at later.

But, it’s later now, and since you pinged me about it, we just implemented in TotalSpaces2 (for Mavericks). It will be in the next version.

Hi, very useful function for me, too, which I was missing… but I will not upgrade to Mavericks. To be sure to understand: will it be available in Mountain Lion or not?

We aren’t promising to update the ML version with this feature. May do it if there is some demand though.