How do I minimise total finder?

I just installed TF (1.6?) on my MacBook Pro, opened it and maximised it. Now I cannot figure out how to minimise it again, the R-Y-G buttons don’t appear and there is no resize handle on the bottom right. Also it hides/suppresses my icon dock, which I can only retrieve by hitting the F4 button.

Hi @swiecima: it sounds like you’re using the Visor feature of TF. Is there a blue button on the top left instead of the “normal” traffic lights? If so, you are using Visor. The Visor may be summoned and dismissed with a hotkey (I think the default is CTRL+~).

It may also be summoned by clicking the Finder icon on the Dock, though it unfortunately can’t be dismissed this way (this used to work in earlier versions of TF).

If the Visor is on top of your Dock (which it sounds like it is), got to the Visor section of the TF preferences window and uncheck the “Show on top of the Dock” box.

Hope this helps!