How do we get our money back?

It is clear that the developer has given up with Total Finder. Emails go unanswered and there is no attempt to update the App for OS X 10.10.3

Does anyone know how we can get our money back?

I answer all emails. Please write to and you should receive a reply within 24 hours.

I get regular news from the developer all the time,… Antonin is actually one of the many developers out there that is on top of his products all the time.

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No you do not and will send you one to prove my point.

I did send in an issue in March but you still have not answered any of my messages. Stopped using TF because of all the problems with start up.

Antonin, is I am sure, a very nice person however there are problems with Total Finder (inability to search by name) that have not been addressed. There have been no beta released for many many months so I can’t really agree to the assertion that he “is on top of his products at all times”.

I am sure that what we want is some simple statement that Total Finder is undergoing active development because all the evidence is that it is not. Fixing some of the glaring problems (in particular name search) is imperative.

Perhaps Antonin could put a statement of intent regarding development and bug fixes out to relieve our concerns,

Having said that I would be very disappointed if it were not to be further developed as I like it a great deal.

I’m back to TotalFinder development. I have refactored a large part of TotalFinder codebase and fixed few annoying bugs on the way. I’m getting familiar with the TotalFinder codebase again.

Please test the new 1.6.19 beta:

New beta working well. No issues so far.

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