How to disable SIP and set "Reduced Security"?

Hi, I am an user. My Mac is M2 Pro with Ventura 13.3.1, it is all OK to disable SIP to let totalfinder run, however I’ve found some iPad apps from AppStore won’t work anymore, which need me to set “Reduced Security” of security policy. But when I set to reduced security, SIP is enabled again and totalfinder cannot run. Can you please help and give advice?

As documented in the Apple Silicon SIP documentation, there is unfortunately no way to retain iOS-on-macOS functionality for apps encrypted with FairPlay DRM that come from the App Store, due to restrictions imposed by Apple.

I cannot do anything about this — you must choose between having FairPlay iOS-on-macOS app support, or being able to use TotalFinder and other macOS tweaks like it (Bartender, etc.).

※ iOS-on-macOS apps that were installed through other non-App Store means, such as via sideloading, third-party tools, or your own developed apps from Xcode will continue to function normally. The only iOS apps that will stop working are ones encrypted with Apple’s FairPlay DRM — in other words, just those downloaded from the App Store.