How to disable sip, I have no recovery partition?


Hi, Im trying to run Totalfinder in sierra, however the error as known. Now i dont have a recovery partition, since i have 2 SSD running JBOD and then theres no recovery option.

I tried booting as root, but no can do. Any suggestions?



Hey Mike,

This is a really tough one. I’ve been wanting to write an article about it, but it’s pretty advanced stuff which I have to make less scary for users.

So far, this is the best approach I’ve found:

I’ve used this process successfully on three 10.11 systems, but haven’t tried it with 10.12 Sierra yet. I’m nervous about Sierra as I’ve already lost 2 HD while running the GA, and I wasn’t even fiddling with stuff!

Another possible approach is disabling SIP using a Linux bootable CD/Flash drive, but I haven’t done this myself yet.

Ultimately I would love to automate the whole thing, but that might be a pipe dream…



This is my approach:


try make a bootable installation USB, restart Mac holding Alt, choose to start from USB, then ignore the installation picture and from the top menu choose Terminal (under utilities if I’m not mistaken)


For me no solution has worked nor script nor manual recreate… (for Sierra) and online recovery has no csrutil command support… so i have an external hdd osx instaled, i have reboot on it and make a image .dmg of my internal hard drive, then simply format it an réinstall osx on it (it create the recovery partition) and finally restore my hdd .dmg on the new install partition and voila :stuck_out_tongue:

Also apparently there is a function now inside CCC (carbon copy cloner) :
Click Window -> Disk Center.
In Disk Center, click the Recovery HD tab.
Click “Create a Recovery partition for this volume”.


I tried this method today, but Recovery Partition Creator 4.0.4 says “You are not running a compatible version of OS X”