How to duplicate a tab in TotalFinder?

I have an extension in Safari that lets me duplicate the exact tab where I am. I would like the SAME FEATURE with TotalFinder - so that I can have 2 of the same tabs without clicking new tab and then searching for it. This would be super useful - especially when I want to link two tabs, but the one tab would be a subset folder of the first tab. Perhaps duplicating a tab is already possible?


Thursday 27 November 2014

WAIT - I may have found the answer: There is a preference to open new tabs from the tab I am in – so that’s essentially a duplicate tab - if I want to duplicate a tab I simply click on it and then hit the new tab box (or do cmd-T) — SUPER!!! Should have searched for that 2 years ago!

Great to have TotalFinder in Mountain Lion and to know that when I move to Yosemite (I am not an early adopter) – I will have TOTALFINDER!!!


Steve - and any other comments welcome, otherwise I’ll likely close this out in a day or three! Happy Thanksgiving!

This does not work for me, new tab always opens the location defined as “New Finder window show” from the regular Finder preferences…