How to remove TotalFinder when it won't launch properly?

With much regret I am moving on from TF due to the SIP issue under El Capitan.

I now want to uninstall it it so I no longer see the “fail to launch” error.

However Deleting it from applications doesn’t work because it says it’s open. Yet there are no total finder menus in my finder that I can find, and it doesn’t show in a list of open apps wen I use the Force Quit menu. I cant even quit out of finder as the OS only offers me the option to re-launch.

I am therefore at a loss as to how to uninstall it. Any suggestions?

Please follow this page:

Also the latest version 1.7.3 would offer you uninstallation if it detected a system with System Integrity Protection.

I am totally having no success trying to uninstall TotalFinder. The instruction asks me to select uninstall from the TF menu icon, but there is no such icon anymore. I’m not comfortable mucking around in Terminal to hack a fix and I don’t understand the instructions anyway. Is there some way to remove the app or am I stuck with it for life?

Or download and open the latest archive from and launch TotalFinder Uninstaller from the DMG.

Download the DMG from here:, and run uninstaller from there

Thank you for your very prompt response. I was able to run the uninstaller successfully. I truly regret TotalFinder’s demise. It was a very useful and worthwhile application.

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