How to run TotalSpaces2 with SIP enabled?

I’m trying to follow the instructions below on how to run TotalSpaces2 with SIP fully enabled on 10.11.3. But I’m not succeeding.

Are the three rows of text under step 5-6 supposed to be entered in its entirety in the terminal without any returns, or is it supposed to be broken up in 2 or 3 segments with a return after each? I don’t understand how there can be a line break between row 2 and 3. If everything should be entered in one piece, is there supposed to be a space between the text in row 2 and 3, where the line break is now, (i.e. “. chown”) or not (i.e. “.chown”)?

Also, when booted up in Recovery mode, is there a way to access a text file on the HD or on a flash drive so that I could copy the string of text and paste it into the terminal window without having to type everything manually? This would be great in order to eliminate potential typos.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

They are 3 different lines of text, like so:

cd "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/System/Library/ScriptingAdditions"

cp -R "../../../Applications/" .

chown -R root:wheel TotalSpaces.osax

I’m not sure how you’d get this into the copy/paste buffer, but if you do place the 3 line script in a file in your home folder you should be able to run it.

From the terminal in recovery mode you could just execute it like so

bash  "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/yourfilename"

(BTW, we are looking at ways of making this process easier.)

Hi Stephen,

That worked! Thank you for your fast and detailed replay, as always.

However, I wasn’t able to get the text into the copy/paste buffer. What file type do you suggest I create for the text, a .txt file?

Also, I’m terribly sad to learn that TotalSpaces is not working without hacks in El Capitan, as I can not work efficiently without it. Being able to remove the space switching animations/transitions and using a grid for my 9 spaces is a must. Since you’re a developer, have you been able to talk to Apple about it? I assume they could easily make changes to accommodate your app in some way if they wanted to. It would be interesting to know their response.

If you are running the file as a shell script, some people use .sh as the extension. But it doesn’t matter much for this purpose.

Apple’s position is that allowing modification of the system is not allowable for security reasons. We think that they could have allowed properly signed by reputable developers to do this, but no luck I’m afraid. We also applied to get a kext signing certificate, but they refused us.