How to toggle visor window externally?

Is there a way to invoke a toggle of the visor window, via a shell script or Applescript perhaps?
At the least I’d like to be able to trigger the “open” and “close” actions, just like what’s available in the TotalTerminal menu bar dropdown (“Show Visor” and “Hide Visor” options, image below).

The reason I ask is because lately I’ve been having trouble with the activation keys. Sometimes they won’t bring up the visor window. I’ve been looking into other solutions, by having third-party programs activate TotalTerminal, rather than using the built-in mechanism.

I’ve tried using Applescript to minimize the visor window when open, but I haven’t been successful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I could add applescript commands for visor sliding in next version.

Right now, you are only able to assign some keyboard shortcut and then use system events object in applescript to programatically press that keyboard shortcut.

That would be awesome and very much appreciated!

Thanks so much for developing this great freeware. I’d like to donate since I use this everyday, but I haven’t seen any donation links (I think i saw a bitcoin address, but unfortunately I don’t use bitcoin… yet). How can I help out?

Please grab this new release (I won’t be publishing it at this point, it will be included in next one):

Documentation of new applescript commands can be found here:

If you are familiar with C, this is what I did:

Thanks darwin! This works perfectly :slight_smile: I’d still like to donate if possible.

TotalTerminal development is supported from TotalFinder sales. If you want to support me, buy a TF license. If you don’t want to use it yourself, I will give you a gift link for a friend :beer:

Just bought it, TotalFinder is the app I didn’t know I wanted!

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