Icon disappear in folder in icon view

as img above:

OK in list view.

icons disappear in icon view.

MBPR 15" 2014 middle, OS:10.10
I’ve uninstall TF and install it again, it’s still the same.
Never happened on my old iMac.

Btw i’ve installed xtrafinder on this mbp (without TF installed), then I uninstalled XF, installed TF back.
Will that be a clue?

It really drives me crazy, plz help!!!

Another clue, icon view works normally in both of these two condition:

  1. new started TF.
  2. there’s only one tab.

If I add another tab, the weird disappear situation comes out, even if I close other tabs keep it in one tab.

This is a Finder bug under Yosemite.

To reproduce it, open basic Finder without TotalFinder running:

  1. switch to Icon View
  2. drag sidebar splitter slowly and you should hit the bug, icon view disappears for some sidebar splitter positions or view gets some garbage from bad redrawing
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It works! Thx for the solution!!