Icons not showing in TotalFinder sidebar?

Just wondering if I can get some help with this issue? I’ve tried turning the color setting on and off without any luck.

Interesting. Do you see any error messages in Console.app when you try to turn coloured sidebar on/off?

darwin I’m not familiar with using the console app. While I am very proficient on computers I am by no means a programmer. But if you could tell me how I might go about checking this in the console I will do it and report back.

Please open /Applications/Utilities/Console.app and switch to All Messages view. Then try to observe the log when you enable the feature of coloured sidebar on/off.

Sorry Darwin I’m junior in engineering school and we’ve had 3 tests back to back lately. Strange thing is though the colors and icons are back now. FYI this was an issued when I stopped using TotalFinder about a year ago, but I’m using it again now. But like I said the color and icons are back…strange. Thanks for your concern though.