IDEA! Add Folders on Top to standard Open/Save dialog boxes

Though in Finder windows we put the folders on top, TotalFinder doesn’t have any hooks into Open and Save dialog boxes. Maybe one day.

re: folders on top. I like this feature a lot. But I get messed up when “save as” or “browse to” dialog boxes appear in other applications, and of course the folders are not on top. Can TotalFinder hack this behavior of the system and make folders always on top?


I really long for this.

I just discovered TotalFinder and its most important feature “folders on top” (at least for me :slight_smile: ).
I was confident that the reason for not replacing Finder but having a plugin is that also the dialogs would benefit from the plugin - so I am a bit unhappy now. It is really confusing when you have to re-think your structure when using the dialogs versus Finder!

Please implement this – its like the completion of the concept.

Would also be a big advantage over PathFinder or Forklift, I believe. And for me, it would be an instant impulse to purchase a license, even if the preice were tripled.

In addition to folders on top, I’d also like to see coloured directories/files in dialogue boxes. It seems slightly incomplete that this feature is missing.

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