[IDEA] "Create new file" contextual item

Hey guys! First of all, big fan. TotalFinder is probably the best thing I’ve found for making the Finder actually usable, which is no mean feat. The one thing that I think would make a great addition, though, and would keep me from vacillating between XtraFinder and TotalFinder, is a “Create new file” contextual menu item. Just something that runs touch and selects the file for renaming would be enough; the ability to fill a folder with premade templates for TF to copy in, à la Elegant Chaos’ Neu, would be divine. I know it’s sort of a “Windows thing,” but it also seems like good common sense.

Thanks for giving it some thought!


I’d like to +1 this. This is the one feature that prevents TotalFinder from being a complete solution for me. It would be great if you could add a “New File” contextual link or button right next to new folder!


Yes, in addition xtrafinder already offers this feature.

Yes, +1 to this!

The closest I’ve found to this feature is this Automator script: https://github.com/OscarGodson/New-File

Is this feature added to the roadmap?

There is a product in the Appstore that does just that and very neatly and lives well with TF 1.8.1, works as a Finder extension. New File Menu is the name of the app.

Thnx, Recuerom!