IDEA! File copy queueing

A couple hundred people like the idea of queueing Finder file copying.

Right now, as you know, Mac OS X doesn’t handle large numbers of copy operations well (see the screenshot)

Some users recommend learning from Ultracopier. We’re talking about things like
• batch copying
• prioritizing particular copy operations
• docking Finder copy windows (so they’re out of the way)

What other killing copy improvements would you like to see?


Hello !
Many people (like me) search a solution for copy in batch.
With windows, it’s possible to use Total Commander for do this. This program is wonderful for give a copy in batch, but, not only for this. You can select a copy with parameters: replace if the files are new, if the files are more big, or less… etc, etc…
The function copy in queue is the most important, but if there is the possibility to have more options…
If one day your program can do this… it’s the great program for mac users !!! MUST HAVE !!!

best regards to the team.

hi THE_DBX – lots of people have talked about better file copying in the Finder so it’s on our list of possible things to implement. Right now we’re focusing on porting our existing feature set to Mavericks.

Thanks for your support of TotalFinder – we work very hard to make sure our users get the best experience all around.

Can you please reconsider adding a copy file queue to Totalfinder? It is one of the few features that TotalFinder’s alternatives have over it.