Incorrect desktop numbers in menu bar

Sorry posted in wrong forum, reposted in Total Spaces. can’t figure out how to delete
Upgraded to Mavericks from 10.8.5. running latest version of TotalFinder (2.0.2)
The number in the menu bar does not match the actual desktop.
Say you are on desktop 3 (the menubar says 4) and click on the number 4 in the menu bar, the drop down menu shows 3 checked.
Mission Control shows the desktops numbered correctly. i.e. Safari is in desktop 3 (as assigned) and Mission control shows it as in desktop 3.
Looking in Preferences-> Layout, dashboard is in space 1, in the previous version dashboard was it’s own space. So if you designated 9 desktops, 10 showed up in Layout. Now if you set it to 9 desktops only 9 show up and Dashboard is assigned to desktop 1. Seems this skews the menubar number by 1