Incorrect grouping by date

When grouping files by date (for example by creation date or by date added) I get bad results. Group of files from last week or 30 days old are ok. But grouping by years doesn’t work correctly. Fox example group of files dated in 2012 shows 2011, files from 2011 shows 2010 and so on.

You can see the problem on screenshots. Maybe it’s problem of Finder not Total Finder.

My system: OS X 10.9.1
Total Finder 1.5.6

This is most likely problem of Finder itself. TotalFinder does not mess with groupings.

  1. use CMD+OPT+ESC to force quit with TotalFinder
  2. try it again in plain Finder
    => you will probably see that this bug is present in Finder itself. It may be related to your Czech language preferences. Try once again with English language profile.

Confirmed. This problem is related to Finder itself, not Total Finder. And even it’s not related to Czech language. I switched OS X to English, restarted OS X, terminated Total Finder and problem still occurred.

It’s interesting that I didn’t find any bug report related to “arrange by date in Finder”.

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