Increasingly buggy behavior with Catalina 10.15.3

This is going to be less detailed than I would usually like to provide a developer as I encounter bugs, but the issues I’m experiencing are rather inconsistent and diverse, so I just need to give an overall indication of the growing number of problems I’m having with Total Finder in Catalina.

I’m been using Total Finder for YEARS! And I don’t want to imagine going without it. However, the new OS from mac is really messing with the stability of the software. Since upgrading to Catalina, I’ve had multiple and on-going issues with the finder window, especially the visor pane, but standalone windows also.

Dual window mode flips on and off randomly. New windows always open in visor (even when they shouldn’t) or never open in visor (even when the should). Tabs get loaded and duplicated and unloaded. The Pin/Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons get cut off with some kind of weird flat gray overlay. Non-visor windows get confused and open fullscreen-width at the bottom of my laptop screen with only the nav bar showing. It’s all very fitful and complicated.

And now suddenly today, I’m unable to get the visor window to work at all. My keystroke won’t work. I’ve tried modifying preferences to reset it. I relaunched finder and relaunched TotalFinder. It done broke! I know this may not be very helpful in trying to locate the source of the problems, but at least this can be a log that I and perhaps others are experiencing real problems with mac’s latest finder updates.

Thanks for a wonderful product! And I hope apple’s messing around with their finder doesn’t mean the death knell of TotalFinder because it is still a superior experience.

I’m sorry for such poor experience. This sounds like something is messed up.

Please follow this gist and send me the report file back to I will review it:

I have had none of the problems you describe. Did you do a clean install of the latest beta OS? Oddly enough, I had more problems with the release version of Catalina then I’ve had with the latest (19E234g). What machine/release date/amount of memory are you running it on? Did you reinstate SIP or use my partial SIP reinitialization?

Alright, here’s the latest update on the issue:

I was working with Antonin a bit directly to send logs from my system. That didn’t reveal any abnormalities in my setup. He did suggest resetting both Finder and TotalFinder to factory defaults. I did that today. It did not resolve the layout and tab issues I was having, but it did at least get the visor to start working for me again. So Visor is back, responding to keystroke as expected.

However, the layout was still quite messed up. So I kept fiddling with things to see if I could identify a setting that would resolve things. When I enabled “use Narrow tabs” all of the layout issues fixed themselves.

I then toggled “use Narrow tabs” back OFF to determine if that reintroduced the problems. It did NOT. So it’s not as simple as narrow tabs good, not narrow tabs bad. But for whatever reason, I do appear to be back to normal for the moment. Crossing my fingers it stays that way. And if anyone wants or needs screenshots of the weirdness, please let me know. I’ll keep the ones I took for a few days before I discard them. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

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