Install don't work on catalina

I can’t install it on catalina
i have the last developper version 8

I am investigating this, I will let you know when an update is available.

thanks you stephen

Please try the latest beta version which is 2.8.4

no stephen not working on catalina b10

Hmm, looks ok to me on b10, can you give a bit more details about how far you get?

Thanks for the report, it looks like there was an error in the build of this version meaning it would not install correctly if it had not previously been installed or permissions were reset: Please try

stephen overview grid do nothing on GM

OG is working on my test machine running 19A582a, haven’t got a machine with 19A583 installed on it yet (but I would have thought they are the same in all but name) - which are you running (and what are the symptoms?)

Before installing Catalina I installed TS 2.8.5 on Mojave.

Catalina installed without a hitch. TotalSpaces worked perfectly, and so did TotalFinder. Catalina put an alias folder on the desktop called “Relocated Items” in which was the TS file “TotalSpaces.osax” and the explanation “Some of your files had been in a location that is now incompatible with macOS security settings. These files were moved to the Security folder [Relocated Items folder?] for your review. If there are any files you want to keep, you can move them to a new location, as long as it is different from their location before the upgrade or migration.”

Since TS appears to work fine, is it okay to trash the “.osax” file, or does it have a function and should it be relocated elsewhere?

Yes, that’s ok, you can trash that file.