Installing TotalFinder but do not see TF features

I installed TotalFinder v 1.6.17 today on my mac running OS X Yosemite version 10.10.3
At first my machnie was incredibly sluggish, with activity monitor showing my finder at anything between 103% to 184% usage. I relaunched the finder and this brought the percentage down to 55%.

However, I still do not see any of the TF features anywhere and there is no TF menu in the Finder prefernces menu.

I used to have TF running fine on Mavericks but it has never worked properly since I upgraded to Yosemite and switched to a new MacBook Retina Pro 2015 model.

Any advice re. troubleshooting would be appreciated.

You might be affected by TotalFinder startup issues (TotalFinder does not launch automatically).

Please install the latest beta where the problem should be fixed: