Is it possible to install TotalSpaces without EVER disabling SIP?

I am considering purchasing another copy of TotalSpaces2 for a corporate laptop provided to me by $customer. There is some flexibility to install software on the laptop, but it is strictly locked down, secured and heavily monitored. This means SIP cannot ever be disabled (and even attempting to do so, would be a grave career mistake).

Will TotalSpaces2 work without disabling SIP at all? Or is this a hard requirement? The host OS is Mojave, if that matters.


I’m sorry, this is not possible - TotalSpaces cannot work at all with SIP enabled on Mojave.

Some day it may be that apple provide an API that allows us to manage desktops in the way that we want, but for now we have to rely on injecting code to make the changes, and this is exactly the sort of thing that SIP is designed to prevent.