Is there a way to compare the differences in two folders?

My friend and I take a lot of trips together and also take a lot of pictures on said trips (usually with my camera).
When we return home, I transfer all of the pictures to my computer, then upload them to our shared DropBox Account.
She goes through them and deletes the pictures she doesn’t like.
I then download her “Final Selections” to my Mac.

Since Total Finder already has the “Dual Mode” function to be able to see two folders side-by-side, I’d think there’d be a way to compare the differences between the folders (so that I can see which photos are missing from her “Final Selections” folder vs. the “Originals” folder, so that I can see which photos she deleted and see if I agree).

Does Total Finder have the capability to compare the files in two different folders to see which ones match and which ones are missing?



I’ve visually compared two folders, side-by-side, but it’s a tedious time-consuming work. I usually use apps such as Compare Folders and VisualDiffer (my favorite) to make the job easier.

I would recommend

I load both folders into Finder, in different tabs and switch rapidly back and forth. If I see movement, that indicates a difference. If the first screenful of each shows no differences, I press PageDown and repeat, until the end of both.

I use a free open source application called FreeFileSync to compare and copy files between folders. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro and am using it right now as I type this to copy all of my photos/graphics from my MBP to my new iMac. Next, I will compare it to all my photos/graphics I have stored in iCloud just to verify I am not missing anything. Since I am using a Thunderbolt 3 cable between the two machines, I can copy nearly 20,000 files in 8-10 minutes. Works great and it’s free.

FreeFileSync is a manual file compare and copy file program. There is a companion application called RealTimeSync which is an automatic file sync utility which monitors two folders and when it detects differences between the folders and the folders are available, it transfers files to sync the folders. I haven’t used this program but if it works as well as FreeFileSync, it could be another automatic solution for you.