Is there a way to compare the differences in two folders?


My friend and I take a lot of trips together and also take a lot of pictures on said trips (usually with my camera).
When we return home, I transfer all of the pictures to my computer, then upload them to our shared DropBox Account.
She goes through them and deletes the pictures she doesn’t like.
I then download her “Final Selections” to my Mac.

Since Total Finder already has the “Dual Mode” function to be able to see two folders side-by-side, I’d think there’d be a way to compare the differences between the folders (so that I can see which photos are missing from her “Final Selections” folder vs. the “Originals” folder, so that I can see which photos she deleted and see if I agree).

Does Total Finder have the capability to compare the files in two different folders to see which ones match and which ones are missing?




I’ve visually compared two folders, side-by-side, but it’s a tedious time-consuming work. I usually use apps such as Compare Folders and VisualDiffer (my favorite) to make the job easier.


I would recommend