Is there any way to disable workspace-switching animations completely on Monterey without TotalSpace2?

I upgraded macOS to Monterey recently and found out TotalSpace2 wasn’t supported anymore. The only reason I use TotalSpace2 is to disable the workspace-switching animation. That is the only way I found to disable it. Now without TotalSpace2, is there any way to completely disable the animation?


I bought TotalSpaces2 for the same reason: disable virtual spaces animations. I just upgraded to the new Mac with Monterey and I realized I couldn’t use TotalSpaces2. I’m also looking for a solution.

This used to work, but doesn’t appear to anymore:

defaults write workspaces-swoosh-animation-off -bool YES
killall Dock
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Great! :frowning:

Is the dev still alive? He’s been quiet for some time now.

GitHub - koekeishiya/yabai: A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning can do instant space switching

Yes, but as I wrote in another thread, aftter giving a try to yabai, is not possible to remove spaces switch animations outside of yabai itself, as described here: Remove space transition animation when moving spaces outside of yabai · Issue #398 · koekeishiya/yabai · GitHub
So, sadly, the combo TS3 + yabai is not useful to get rid of animations on overview grid.
Is a nice tool (not so easy to set on M1) but don’t have an overview grid, no drag & drop between spaces, so at this point why don’t use the native mac spaces.