Is TotalTerminal working with Mavericks?

Has anybody tested TotalTerminal with Mavericks?
Is it working fine?

Yes, it works.

But we will release a new version in a week or two which will be marked as officially supporting Mavericks

why I can not find the new version ?

Because I have not released it yet. I still need more time for it.

Total Terminal fails to start on Mavericks for me. It says that an Apple Event has timed out. Not sure why. I thought you’d like to know.


Having same error on Mavericks. But TotalTerminal does start. I just dismiss that error. What doesn’t work is the animation. It just instantly shows or hides the visor. There used to be a fast slide down or up animation.

Yes, it should start, but animation from top does not work. I will release a new version on beta channel today.

Not sure it is caused by Mavericks or my clean reinstall, but I can’t navigate between terminal tabs using CMD-right & CMD-left. I’m looking forward to test the beta!

Mavericks has killed my TT as well. I would love to be part of the beta channel, as I use TT for work and I am floundering without it. Awesome tool!

I also would love to be part of the beta program. TT is reason enough for me not to upgrade to mavericks until this issue is resolved.

TT works fine in Mavericks for me. It didn’t start up on boot as it used to do and the first time i started I was met with an error message. But after reinstalling it (don’t know if that was necessary though) it started fine with a message saying that TT might not be compatible since the version of Terminal was newer. After confirming I still wanted to run TT it worked just fine, albeit without the animation. Switching between tabs works fine for me with Cmd-shift-left / right.

Finally I will release it today. We discovered last few bugs we wanted to fix for the release.

Ok, now it should be available via sparkle updater (if you have checked “include pre-releases” in TotalTerminal preferences)

Direct link:

Thank you for help with the testing.

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Kick-ass. Thanks for getting this out so quickly guys.

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Overall 1.4.2 seems to be working pretty well. One thing I did notice that was a little annoying is that the visor always seems to pop up when I cmd-tab to Terminal, even if I have standalone Terminal windows open. It’d be nice if it only would automatically open the visor on cmd-tab if there are no other Terminal windows open. I believe that’s how it worked on 1.3 under Mountain Lion… I don’t recall being bothered by this in the past.

Edit: Forgot to mention that this is particularly noisome because when you cmd-tab away from Terminal, the visor will stay open. I’d prefer what I mentioned above, but at least if I go back to another application if it hid that’d be an improvement.

Created an account just to thank you for how ridiculously fast a release that was. The lack of animation was eerily unsettling for such a subtle feature… keep rocking guys!

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Interesting. CMD-TAB away from Terminal does close the Visor for me (1.4.3 on Mavericks).

But the Visor opening when you CMD-TAB to the Terminal is a major usability bug.

I have fixed the auto-sliding for the next release (soon).

For the second problem please check if you don’t have visor pinned: Main Menu -> Window -> Pin Visor