Keep windows on the same desktop

I know this is probably not the fault of TotalFinder, but if you guys could find a workaround for this, that would be awesome.

When I copy large files or clean my trash, little sub windows appear that show the progress.

I have TotalFinder locked to a certain desktop, but those progress windows appear to be not bound by that.

For example, when I am on another desktop and select the finder, those little windows appear on that current desktop, but I do not see the main TotalFinder window. I have to go to the menu, windows to select the main window. But when I do that, the progress windows are not visible.

This drives me nuts.

Perhaps you could implement a way to integrate the progress windows into the sidebar like OS X Mail does that when sending/receiving?

Good idea. I believe it is possible. But it would be a lot of hackery work. I’m sorry I don’t have time to work on it and maintain it afterwards.

Too bad, but I understand.

Is there another way to make sure the little progress windows are being kept together?

For example, can you set attributes for the windows to make sure they are bound to the same desktop as the main window?

At the moment those windows behave as if they were bound to no desktop. If you could copy the attributes of the main window to the sub windows, they would also be on the same desktop. ALT-TAB-ing to TotalFinder would then ALWAYS go to the desktop where all of it belongs.