Keyboard shortcuts fail intermittently

Some keyboard shortcuts fail to operate intermittently. I’ve occasionally found Quicklook and Cmd+w not functioning. Quicklook often fails with space causing error sound on all files/folders.

Relaunching Totalfinder (by restarting Finder, then re-running Totalfinder) sometimes helps, but not always. For example, Cmd+w is still not working currently after Totalfinder restart.

Totalfinder 1.5.26 on OS X 10.9.2

Can you please look into Main Menu -> File if you can see that CMD+W option is grayed out? Do you see any errors in

I’m going to check my code validating that menu item.

Quicklook is implemented by Finder. If Finder thinks it is not applicable, while it should be, there is something fishy with Finder state.