Keyboard shortcuts for left and right arrow buttons?

I use to be able to go back to previous window and forward back by pressing command + Left arrow or command + Right arrow. Totalfinder can’t work with these commands any more and I have to click on the previous and next buttons instead. Is there a way to activate this again? Thanks

I have just tested stock Finder under 10.9.3 and it does not work in Finder. Are you describing some behaviour which used to work in previous OS versions? I’m not aware of it.

This could be technically added, but first I want to understand the implications.

Hi I am sorry I think I have been mistaken. I use to think to move back and forth on previous visited folders was command + arrow key for some reason. I went online to check and it is instead command + [ or command +].

My apologies.

Ok, this is a non-issue. TotalFinder works the same way as Finder.

You should use standard keyboard shortcuts or remap them via System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts.

ok sorry for that. many thanks!

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