Keychain no longer autofills

Ever since I installed TotalSpaces2 on my mac (running High Sierra), my Keychain won’t populate any of my native apps anymore. For example, I got signed out of my google account in System Preferences > Internet Accounts. Another example, git asks me to supply a username and password every time I try to access the server, even though that info is stored in Keychain. I wonder if shutting off and enabling System Integrity Protection is the cause of this.

Does anyone have a fix? Thanks!

I haven’t had this happen, for example with git - so at least it’s not a universal problem. I’m not sure if SIP would have any effect on this - as far as I recall once you have the keychain unlocked it should work ok.

Thanks stephen. The fix I found was to disable SIP - not a great one, and not sure why that worked.