Labels on Icons and Folders

I also really miss the old Finder Labels from Apple. I am not happy with Tags as it fills no purpose at all. The colored Label text I found in TF is a first step in the rigt direction. It is really a pain for us with reading disabillities to sort and find information when there is no coloring information on ICON level.
Please take a look at:

And if possible, please enable Icon coloring as a substitute for File name coloring.

Thanks for a great product…

For icon coloring, I highly recommend folderol, by Erica Sadun, available from the App store ($5.99, and worth every penny and then some). It’s a very simple drag-and-drop utility: drag the folder you want to color onto the folderol window, and that’s it. Works with both folders and files, and you can choose your own custom colors. I’ve used it for years and it’s survived every OS upgrade so far.

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