Latest TotalFinder update bricked my Macbook Pro

While updating to the latest version of TotalFinder, my computer became unresponsive. I manually powered it down and now my Macbook Pro won’t power on at all. Completely bricked.

It’s a mid-2015 Macbook Pro running BigSur. Ran fantastic prior to this issue.

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. It is highly unlikely that TotalFinder could brick your MBP. I would guess it is a hardware failure.

I fixed this by doing a System Management Controller reset.

The issue happened while attempting to update Total Finder.

I clicked a dialog box to update Total Finder. I clicked “Yes” when asked “Install and restart?” But after several minutes, the computer still hadn’t restarted (though the computer was still functioning as normal). So I clicked “Restart” from the Apple menu. The computer powered down and started to come back up, but only to a black screen – for a long time. So I manually shut it down, unplugged all the accessories, and tried powering it up again. Then it wouldn’t power up at all.

A friend hypothesized that maybe it had to do with System Integrity Protection and the Total Finder update getting interrupted. I don’t know know enough about this to know how likely that is. But it seems a more plausible explanation than a hardware issue. The computer was running fantastic before this and seems to be running perfectly now after the System Management Controller reset.

Good to hear that you have the computer working again. Thanks for letting us know what resolved it - in case anyone else had a similar issue.