Latest version keeps crashing on M1 Max Ventura

Hi everyone!

I am using the latest version (1.15.1) and when I install it and try the dual pane shortcut (CMD+U) the app crashes and closes.
Before the crash, I do see totalfinder preferences in the finder options so I know it is installed but it just does not seem to work for me. FYI, this happened since the last 2 versions, before that it worked perfectly, but in the meantime, I also updated to the latest Ventura which is 13.3.1 so maybe that is also related to the error.

Did anyone face this issue as well?

Thanks in advance


After a restart, TF 1.15.1 just stopped working for me (macOS 13.2.1) - I couldn’t even launch it. I re-installed 1.15.0 - all is working as before.

@DjAlbatros @Leo_B

I cannot reproduce either of your issues on the latest versions of macOS 13.4.1 and 13.5b3, with TotalFinder 1.15.1.

Try resetting your TotalFinder preferences to default — you can find this option in Finder Preferences → TotalFinder → About.

If the issue persists, please reproduce the crash and then run the diagnostics script at /Applications/ in a Terminal session and send me the resulting file.

(Make sure you are running the from 1.15.1, as there have been significant changes to the script in that version.)

Okay thanks, so I still have the error. If I clean install TotalFinder 1.15.1 and after install toggle dual pane mode I get the rainbow loading mouse icon and finder exits by itself. Same like I had all those other times. It just won’t work. Diagnostic output can be found here: [※ URL removed just in case for privacy purposes]


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@DjAlbatros Create two empty folders and try to put them into Dual Mode — does the same crash occur?

If not, does this crash reproduce for all folders in general?

I’m trying to narrow down what exactly is causing this and seeing if I can reproduce it locally (which would be helpful for trying to fix it).

Also, try moving all your AU plugins out of /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and onto your Desktop (or something like that), rebooting, and seeing if the issue persists.

I don’t expect this to change anything since you’re not experiencing injection troubles, but it might be worth a try.

(Basically, it’s a known issue that some AU plugins have been known to somehow entirely break AppleScript in general, which happened to prevent TotalFinder from successfully injecting for certain users since we rely on AppleScript. That doesn’t appear to be happening to you though, and to my knowledge those AU plugins do not break anything else in macOS.)

Okay so I tried what you suggested but get the same result. Whenever I open finder and toggle the dual pane mode (Command+U) Finder crashes and total finder is not running anymore so I have to manually restart it.