Latest version keeps crashing on M1 Max Ventura

Hi everyone!

I am using the latest version (1.15.1) and when I install it and try the dual pane shortcut (CMD+U) the app crashes and closes.
Before the crash, I do see totalfinder preferences in the finder options so I know it is installed but it just does not seem to work for me. FYI, this happened since the last 2 versions, before that it worked perfectly, but in the meantime, I also updated to the latest Ventura which is 13.3.1 so maybe that is also related to the error.

Did anyone face this issue as well?

Thanks in advance


After a restart, TF 1.15.1 just stopped working for me (macOS 13.2.1) - I couldn’t even launch it. I re-installed 1.15.0 - all is working as before.