License Failure again & again. How can we really fix this without buying it over & over again

I have purchased your product Totalspaces2 Twice and that you want me to buy it again…this is just wrong…

Order ID: BA160310-4766-98124 $11.99

Order I0: SWI130413-5489-69221 $15

It will not register with ether of the License Keys…

I am on Yosimite 10.10.5

I have have tried all of the forum fixes. New version 2.3.9 and all older versions. Uninstalled, reinstalled etc…

I hope this is not a way to try to get us to repurchase your product again and again.

Ren Zai

Hey Ren,

Oh no, you don’t have to re-purchase. I just refunded BA160310-4766-98124.

We’ve seen this issue before, but have been unable to find a solution as all testing has indicated that it’s a systemic issue (an issue in OS X itself). Sometimes re-installing the latest Combo Update can help, but in my experience, the only solution has been to re-install OS X!

There are thousands of working parts in OS X, and it only takes one partially broken part to produce odd behavior like being unable to register a license (which uses the cryptography built into OS X to verify the license). Have you noticed odd behavior in any other apps?

However, it’s possible that TotalSpaces2 is simply corrupt on your hard drive. Will you help me test this theory? Here are the steps:

  1. Open
  2. Paste this command, on one line, and press enter:
    codesign -vvv /Applications/
  3. Paste this command, on one line, and press enter:
    spctl -a -t exec -vvvv /Applications/
  4. Let me know what it say