List mode bug in TotalFinder 1.5.20

I’ve found two strange things happening in List Mode. I’m showing it in Dual Mode, but this behavior is the same in Single Pane Mode.

  1. On the left side of the Dual Mode is one of my folders shown as a list that is not arranged by any criteria (Arrange By is set to “none”). The folders are set to appear on top. Everything looks OK.

Now here is the same list shown Arranged By Name. The disclosure triangles on the folders are now gone. In fact, this occurs with any sort criterion other than “none”.

2 If you look at the right side of the first screenshot, you’ll see that my root directory (arranged by “none”) is sorted with a group called “Folders” on top and a second group called “Developer” on the bottom. No disclosure triangles are present on the folders. In the second screenshot, the group separation is gone, but disclosure triangles return when arranging by any criterion.

I actually like the labelled grouping of the folders vs. files. This makes the list mode view neater and easier to read. But that’s just personal preference. It’s the change in behavior depending upon arrangement criteria that’s the real issue.

Hi, thanks for the detailed report. I can confirm all your findings here on my 10.9.2 system.

The problem is that this is standard Finder behaviour and I have no ambitions to override it. Please test it with plain Finder and you will get the same outcomes.