Locked floating Finder window

Since the update to TotalFinder 1.9.1, when in Safari you have downloaded something and then click on the ‘Show Downloads’ button and then ‘Show in Finder’ a floating Finder window appears showing the downloaded file. This window has no top part of the title bar, ie the close, minimise and expand buttons are missing so the window cannot be closed.
I use the Visor feature so everytime I click on Finder in the Dock my TotalFinder window with all its tabs appears at the bottom of the screen but the rogue ‘floating window’ appears too. The only way I have found of getting this Window to go (it isn’t even listed in the Windows list on the Finder menu) is to Relaunch Finder. Of course I then have to restart TotalFinder.
Can this be fixed?

Good news! This annoying “ghost window” bug should be fixed in TotalFinder 1.9.2 (beta):