Loop executed that tries to open every window

I opened computer today , running Mavericks. Total Finder to this time has been running well and v useful. Decided to explore other options. Click on Visor, Finder has a conniption. Stalled in beachball for very long time, so I attempt to unclick Visor (seemingly successfully) and restart. On restart, Window opens flashing madly away with random windows, Finder unresponsive. Realised I was in some sort of loop. Relaunched Finder. Removed TF from startup items and all good except no TF. Restart and attempt to operate TF manually, check prefs. Same loop happens. Restart and uninstall, check I have latest version. Restart and reinstall. Same problem. This humongous loop that appears to be trying to open every possible window on the Mac. Now very sad because it was so very useful, now it’s useless. :frowning: Can you explain to me a way to move forward with this.

OK so there’s nobody from BinaryAge that can answer this query?

I tried again today to load TotalFinder. Ran the uninstall just in case there were corrupt files hanging around. What a disappointment. Still get the crashing Finder and then this loop where TF tries to open every window it can find. WHAT IS THE ISSUE and if you can’t resolve it you need to refund.

I’m here, but I don’t check the forums in real-time. Got busy trying new Yosemite OS release :smile:

I’m sorry for the troubles. That beachball problem is confirmed with the latest release (number of users reported it). Unfortunately I have no idea why is it happening. I was unable to reproduce it on my machines.

If you want a refund, please drop me an email to support@binaryage.com.

Hi thanks , the beach ball wasn’t the main problem. TF developed a loop. A large window opened and it was flashing madly. I realised that it was opening windows. Many windows. I thought u might need to know that. While that was happening (and I left it running at one stage for about 15 mins to see if it would resolve) Finder is not functioning.

I want you to know so you can improve your program which appears to be quite good otherwise. As I said it was working fine. I’m a little impatient and sorry about that, am in the middle of deadline hell.

I have downloaded a competitor and it’s working for me for now, but would like to give TF a chance if you can respond to the problem I’m having. It’s not a hanging beach ball, it’s a loop.

Thanks for reporting back. Hope I will find the issue soon with help of others.