LSUIPresentationMode = 4

guys, i am not a user of TF yet. i would like to know whether after installing TF it would be possible to edit the or plist file to add the following key:

LSUIPresentationMode = 4

AND NOT have Finder crash as it currently does (OS X 10.10.2).

Prior to Mavericks, this trick used to work. Not anymore for some reason–the core dump generated says the binary image of Finder has been changed and it doesn’t like it apparently.

What I don’t get is why changing what is essentially a text file with Pref screws up a binary image?

Also, my primary computer is a MacBook Pro 17" and given the screen quality is so poor (started showing ghosting after only 1 yr of use) it is extremely annoying to seeing the Finder menu bar continuously burn an ever deeper scar at the top of the screen. Luckily, I was able to remove this bar for some apps but not all. Currently, I always keep Terminal running and switch to it when no keyboard input is required, that way there is no menu bar displayed (Terminal is the most lightweight app that behaves when suppressing the menu bar).

Would be nice to be able to total customize the Finder in whichever way the user sees fit. Never thought I’d say this, but Windows turns out to be way more flexible when it comes to this and therefore, user-friendly. Apple definitely dropped the ball on this one.

Please let me know if this is possible with TF or if you’re planning on making it so in future releases. And speaking of future releases, any hope to be able to totally tweak the look&feel of Finder? So sick&tired of the metal grey look.