M1 spaces workaround

I was concerned about losing the extremely handy TotalSpaces app just having bought a MacMini M1. As a temporary work around I am using BetterTouchTools’ ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to any of the 6 Spaces I use. This, combined with creating a Keyboard Maestros palette containing 6 icons for my 6 Spaces, allows me to do a simple single click on any of my 6 icons and switch immediately to any Space I want. Hoping TotalSpaces 3 is available for M1 Macs soon!

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I’m really struggling with this workspace transition animation on M1, please answer does your workaround switch spaces without this transition delay?

You can turn off that transition delay by checking “Reduce Motions” in System Preferences > Accessibility > Display but that does it for other system animations too – well worth it for me personally so hope this helps! I do still miss the brief overlay indication that TotalSpaces would provide upon a space switch though.

And while I’m a big fan of BetterTouchTools, you can also assign simple keyboard shortcuts to move left/right a space and switch to each individual space natively in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control > Mission Control.

The thing I miss the most at the moment about TotalSpaces is having a grid structure rather than a list structure such that I could easily move windows between say desktops 1 and 4 in a 2 row by 3 column grid with just one keyboard shortcut to carry the window up/down versus only left/right.

Also the true Spaces and Expose view from TotalSpaces is missed as well. Finding a window when you have multiple spaces each with multiple windows that may obscure one another is difficult with the native mission control functionality.

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thanks for the answer, but I’m very aware of “reduce motion”, fade-in fade-out animation is also a delay that I can’t stand, it is about 200ms delay which is in my professional workflow is pretty significant. It is really sad that I need to consider returning to linux after 5 years of great macos user experience because of this thing :frowning: