Mac Pro (late 2013) not coming out of sleep

Hello, it has come to my attention that when using the latest totalfinder my Mac Pro sometimes does not come out of sleep. I am running Yosemite 10.10.2 but had the same problem on 10.10.1. I also tried this on a clean installation (via bootable USB drive) and its definitely TotalFinder causing the problem. When rebooting the systeem the problems appears to be gone for a few hours but will return, when present I sometimes have to push my keyboard or mouse for like 20 times before it wakes up. I use an Apple mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth.

When I uninstall TotalFinder, the problems persists. I need to go back to a backup where I did not install TotalFinder at all.

Back at Apple they investigated some log files and they also confirmed that TotalFinder is the problem (without me informing them I suspected it already).I’d love to keep on using it since the standard finder app is lacking quite a few options.

Anyway to solve this?