MacOS and Monterey

The new Mac OS seems not to like Totalfinder - app either crashes or nothing happens (when double clicking). Crash report sent.
Hope this can be fixed soon!


Okay, so at this point, the developer is saying this is the end of the road with the release of MONTEREY and the M1 silicone Macs.

However, at the same time, hinting at a possible future release of TotalFinder that may be compatible.

The future seems to be uncertain

TotalFinder 1.14.0 should be compatible with Intel Macs under macOS 12 (Monterey). Please give it a spin and report any issues, thanks.

WOOOOW thanks bro 100000000 times

Great, many thanks! Works great for me, solved the sidebar issue as well as the “internal error” notification I posted on another thread.

My MacBook 12" 2017 was running BigSur with SIP disabled, but now since I upgraded to Monterey, I’m for an unknown reason unable to boot on Recovery Mode. So I uninstalled TF, rebooted and then installed the Beta and rebooted.
Miracle! It works as expected with still a “cosmetic” bugs on the tags that I can live with… Please guys keep on high your outstanding work

sadly I am on M1 but you are a legend extending its support for Monterey. Really miss this plugin !!

I too am sadly now in the non TotalFinder world of M1, which otherwise is great. One of the things I loved the most, and thus miss the most about not having it is Finder window or Visor toggle with a double press of the Opt key. Can anyone point me in a direction for getting that functionality back with an unmodified Finder?

If you are on Monterey you can use a Shortcut to create a window for any app (inc Finder) in any location on your screen. Shortcuts can be triggered in a number of ways including specified key strokes.

Thank you for this suggestion and I will get to work on implementing that with my system. Only one thing remains between me and finder control nirvana: the ability to use double Option tap to activate it. I would welcome any suggestions for making that happen.

You can add a Keyboard Shortcut to activate a Mac OS Shortcut (in the details section elect ‘Add keyboard Shortcut’ but it is not possible to use any command key (such as Option) on its own. If you enter, say, Option Z then that combination will launch the Shortcut (and thereby open your Finder window).
To detect just the Option key can only be done I believe in Swift

Dude…!! You are simply the BEST! This is a total surprise and such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for all you do!


You are amazing! I just reinstalled TF on my Monterey Mac and it works!!! A million thanks!! I was miserable for the last two weeks without TF. Nothing I found came close to its usability.

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Thank you bro. It works. total finder is one of the most important apps for me. Thanks again.