MacOS Stealing "4 Fingers" swipe



4 Fingers swipe action is randomly stolen by MacOS.

The only fix to get Totalspaces working again, is to deselect and reselect “4 Fingers” under the swipe to change space option in the Transitions tab.

Hopefully this can be fixed as this is literally the only issue I have.


The same issue. From time to time “4 Fingers” does not work anymore. Back on track after a restart.


Ok, thanks for the report, I’ll see if there’s anything that can be done to fix this.


Any progress on this issue?


I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue . The only thing I can think of is to bind some hotkey to re-initialise the trackpad monitoring, which would at least make it easier to fix - this could be done.

It would be nice to detect when this happens so we can auto-restart, but I don’t know exactly what to monitor until I can reproduce the issue.


Ok fair enough.

To be clear the problem occurs when waking from sleep. So my guess is that the system reinitialises the default gestures before Totalspaces. Maybe theres a way to give Totalspaces a higher priority?


That’s interesting. TotalSpaces makes a good effort to re-initialise trackpad handling when the system wakes from sleep, and does it twice within the first 14 seconds after system wake. Maybe it would help to add a further re-initialisation, I’ll think about the consequences of that.